Using her latest collection as a point of departure, HERMIONE FLYNN creates a fashion film which explores the term "Homogenized Human" as a physical reality.

The film predominantly features two identically clad models who are presented to us as inanimate, human sculptures. The camera scans and examines their bodies without apology, referencing them as mere specimens, both voiceless and nonreactive. Placed within urban and industrial wastelands, their figures occupy the spaces between buildings and underneath motorways. The relationship with one another is sometimes distinguished through mirroring and repetition. Yet at other times, their limbs are so entangled, one cannot define where the first body begins, and the second ends.

Directed by Ryan Fielding, and performed by trained dancers, Liv MacPhedran and Emma Coppersmith, HERMIONE FLYNN presents "The Homogenized Human - The Film.

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