"Look Mummy..." this is what I do.

This showreel contains footage shot for my first independent skateboarding film - "FUVE". Premiered in the Summer of 2010 and shot between 2006 and 2010.
The other content is from my first short film - "Skinny Love". Shot on location in Scotland, Amsterdam and Doetinchem during the last winter months of 2010.

Shot on:
Kodak Ektrachrome 64T

Shot with:
Nizo 156xl

Edited in:
Final Cut Pro

"Tempo 116.7 (Clean Acid/Dirty Beats)" by Brian Jonestown Massacre

Super 8 developed by:
Franks Bruinsma (Super 8 Reversal Lab)

Super 8 scanned by:
Daan Müller (Smalfilmwerkplaats)

Thank you to:
Lauren Henderson
My family
Everyone around me in skateboarding

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