Abstraction by Lasalle College of Arts.

Abstraction is a performance installation that Inspired by Complicite's A Disappearing Number, this performance installation explores the key themes of mathematics, collision between East and West, and the interconnections of human relationships. Conceptualized as a visual score, and drawing references fro leading contemporary artists like Robert Wilson and Robert Lepage, the performance installation seeks to explore a new perspective accessible to the audience of 21st Century. Merging real-time technology with live performance, this re-invention blurs the lines between arts and science. Abstraction aims to leave behind something of permanent value, reverberating the life of memories.

Abstraction is created and designed by Theatre+Performance and Interactive Art Level 2 Students in collaboration with Acting Level 1 In Lasalle College of Arts.

Project Leaders - Cherilyn Woo a& Mithru Vigneshwara
Assistant project Leaders - Khairul Kamsani
Directors - Cherilyn Woo, Khairul Kamsani, Rachael Nonis, Fairuz Atiqah
Set Designer - Mithru Vigneshwara
VIsual Composers - Jacky Boen, Adam Aw & Mui Rui Yi
Interaction Designer / Developer - Zac Ong
Sound Designer - Khairul Kamsani, Benjamin Low, Adam Aw
Stage Manager - Josiah Yoong
Sound Engineer - Sage Tan
Costume and props Co-ordinator - Fairuz Atiqah
Projection engineer - Kailash
Front of House Manager - Rachael Nonis

Aninda - Andrew Sutherland
Ruth - Chng XIn Xuan
Al - Benedict Hew
Ramanujan - Ali Anwar
Hardy - Kyle Gannon
Jenaki - Farez Najid
Ramanujan's Mother - Rytasha Rathod
Surita - Frances Lee
Lecture student / Passenger - Dominque De Marco
Lecture student / Passenger - Morweena Maclean
Barbara - chanel chan
Harvard Professor - Shana Yap
Fellow#1 - Lian Sutton
Fellow#2 - Axel Renevey

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