For my honours degree I am creating a reinterpretation of the Once Upon a Time TV show title, which is a very short logo reveal. On the basis of my research I have established a number of criteria (which are detailed in my dissertation) for this type of genre. I am proposing that these design conventions differ depending on the country and medium of distribution. Which is why I have created three different versions of the title sequence for the three distribution formats I have picked as the most prominent: United Kingdom, United States and Online.

This is the US style title sequence.

I have animated this sequence to the original Once Upon a Time main theme, which is copyrighted material and I am therefore unable to publish the animation with the original soundtrack. I have used a replacement audio for this upload, which is why the animation doesn't always hit the beats 100%. All my Once Titles have the same soundtrack in their original state, unlike these replacement audio uploads.

This soundtrack is called "Metamorphosis" by Jon Brooks.

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