This video was shot at my niece's first birthday party in Owings Mills, MD on 18 June 2011. I finally got some time almost after a year of shooting this to work on editing this video. This is a Work In Progress and is my first pass at it, there are several parts of the video that need to be color corrected. I may have to edit or and / or more clips to this.

This was my first time shooting with a steadicam (DSLR Nano Flycam - and didn't get much practice before shooting this video. It wasn't properly balanced and you will see a lot of instances where the video is very shaky. It may produce some motion sickness for those who are extremely sensitive like my wife.

A couple of shots have been filmed with a Konova Slider ( This too was a new piece of equipment and didn't get a practice before using it here. This video was mostly shot on a Canon T2i using the following lenses, some intro shots were shot by a Canon 7D
- Canon 10-22 mm / f 4-5.6
- Sigma 30 mm / f 1.4
- Canon 17-40 / f4

The following audio tracks were used as background tracks for this video
1. Broken Family (Instrumental) by Dusthill (
2. You In My World (Instrumental) by DjCufool (
3. Happy Birthday by Selwyn (
4. Moon Loops (Pad, Sub-Bumps, Hyperpad) by DjCufool (

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