An instrument built on a concrete wall, this installation reflects on the survival of information and our participation in that which we observe.

Warning! If using headphones, keep the volume low! This can easily give you ringing in your ears.

It is a more or less endless drone derived from data of quantum decay; truly random, but also dependent on the act of observation. The viewer(s) is entwined with the sound in a kind of communication.
Largely inspired by David Bohm's ideas of active information and mutual participation.

More recordings and information forthcoming on my own website. The recordings on this video in particular are quite aggressive, while at other times the sound can be quite sweet, reminiscent of sitar harmonics.

While part of my master's thesis, this exhibition was mainly a proof of concept. Future installations of this work would use a more robust BLDC motor system, as well as proper instrument strings.

Technical details:
Experimental stage running brushed DC motors controlled via PWM amplifiers connected to an Arduino. Data is fed to the computer from an Aware radiation monitor that is looking at Americium 241. This data is timed, mapped, and delivered over serial by a Processing program. Speed of motors is controlled by this data, the time at which they change is a short constant to keep things as level as possible.
All strings (wires, in actuality) are the same gauge, therefore when tuned via equal temperament only string length changes. This explains the ginormous, 7-meter long G1 on the top, which was so big that it really only gave off weird noisy overtones instead.

Thanks to my friend Ian Craig who helped me out a great deal in setting this up. Also thanks to Martin Heuser and Katrin Caspar for extra help.

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