My first attempt at timelapsing the Milky Way.
Anthony and I decided to attempt it at Pine Island Campgrounds in Everglades National Park.
The mosquitoes were out in force, but decently bearable when the breeze was blowing.
We didn't stay long, hence the really short timelapses... next time we will do longer ones.
I had never seen the milky way with my naked eye, so this was a lot of firsts for me... the Lyriad meteor shower was also this weekend and we did see quite a few.

Only major issue we had with the cameras was the tonne of dead/hot pixels that showed up after all the long exposures :( As you can see if you look carefully... I still didn't catch all when I tried to remove most of them in Lightroom... there were over 100 of them in each of our 5DMKIIs. If anyone knows how to minimize their occurrences please let me know. Thanks.

It was really alot of fun capturing the night sky like this... can't wait to do another... I just have to recover from all the mosquito bites!!!

Music: "One Million Miles" - ATB

Location: Pine Island Campgrounds, Everglades National Park, Homestead, FL

Main Gear:
Canon 5DMKIIs
Manfrotto Tripods and Fluid Heads

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