Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Production Company: RSA Films
Directed by: Shynola
A combination of 2-D compositing and 3-D modelling techniques helps make Shynolas take on storytelling through the ages look effortless. Video-on-demand services like Hulu are transforming the way we access entertainment. Agency W+K wrote an ambitious script which neatly describes how the always-on streaming and download service is just the latest link in a chain of story-telling which began with paleolithic cave painting and which eventually evolved into content for theatre, cinema, TV and now mobile devices.

Award-winning directing team Shynola's witty treatment involves a single camera move tracking through the different environments as we travel to the present. Supplementing the live-action, our compositing team worked side-by-side with our Houdini and Maya specialists to build a number of major sets and elements, including a medieval landscape, and a 1920s cinema and projector for a highly atmospheric but photo-real look.

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