The You-Turn was first introduced during the Interieur Design Biënnale (October 2010). Since its launch it has won no less than 5 international design awards, being praised for its unmatched versatility. Because of the huge success the You-Turn is now extended to a complete set of lighting solutions, comprising ceiling surface, track and as a special module in combination with the Splitline.

As with the original recessed version, the newborn members in the You-Turn family can be tilted in a 90° angle, and rotated no less than 350°, establishing a customized dialogue with the environment. As the name of the fixture indicates, the user is free to turn and play with it whenever and however needed.

The new You-Turn surface and Track versions show a unique round-to-linear shape, with no visible screws. Available with an elaborate range of lamp options, the You-Turn On comes in two different heights, housing the control gear for either led, discharge or halogen.

The You-Turn Opto and You-Turn HIT are head of the class, providing groundbreaking statistics in performance and efficiency. The Opto version features a specifically designed led optic, improving performance and efficiency with 15%. The Equalising Filter Technology (EFT) of the optic delivers uniform high quality illumination, without pixilation or multiple shadow effect, while the integrated cooling system ensures extended lifetime. In short… Superior optic performance and extended durability, with 2000 lumen dimmable led. The future in shop lighting combining efficiency in output with extensive dimming.

The You-Turn HIT features a unique segmented reflector in sheet metal plate, providing superior reflection abilities. Up to 93% efficiency thanks to advanced reflector material, guaranteeing reduced energy consumption. Available in spot 15°, flood 24° and wide flood 40° it can be applied for accent lighting and/or general lighting.

No matter where the You-Turn is applied it stuns user and visitors alike, fusing advanced lighting technology with distinctive design.

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