Remastered from native RED 4K R3D files w/ Full Debayer render.
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An awkward teen discovers bird feeding can be a health hazard.

RED Scarlet DSMC production test - April 2012 in San Francisco.
Footage was acquired in 4k RAW at 10:1 compression ratio with Carl Zeiss ZE Primes (28mm, 50mm, 85mm)

Pickup shots of statues & birds acquired with old 85/2 Jupiter-9 Russian and 135/3.5 Helios branded primes


The original version was edited w/ lower quality half debayered ProRes Proxie files; thus the image quality was greatly reduced from the source. Additionally, the previous first light pass had been done on an uncalibrated laptop monitor w/ bad black levels and poor color reproduction.

The original RAW footage was reprocessed w/ a new first light pass in RED CINE-X Pro on a REC.709 color calibrated display. The RAW 4K files were then wrapped in QuickTime containers, ingested into FCP7 and relinked to the original edit as native R3D files w/ meta data. Additional tweaks were made in FCP7 and then the whole project was exported and uploaded as a 1080p ProRes 422 QuickTime movie.

Another feature of the remastered edition of Dream Catcher is new original music during the end credits. "Not Your Man", is a song by Greg Ashley, used w/ direct permission by the artist and performed by members of the John Brothers Piano Company Quintet.

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