A short animation by Susan Alexander for her senior show at Eastern Mennonite University. Made over the course of a month she drew in detail about 400 frames at 15 frames a second.

Artist Statement

Consumption is a part of our daily lives whether we are fully aware or not. It has been masked by society’s ever growing influence on the media we take in. We are told what is desirable, trendy, or that things need to be better or newer. This leads us to fantasize or dream about our own buying experience.

The realization of a consumption dream is a hard one to grasp since we have been engraved to want more and more. It has made us believe that it is “ok” to live in a throw away lifestyle. Being interested in my own state of consumption led me to understand that whether I have realized it or not, I am influenced by the gratification or experience of consuming.

While investigating this theory, I have discovered a visual way to relate myself to others who are also vulnerable to this phenomenon. No two dreams are the same, but we all go to a place that is familiar or comfortable. It is a place that is like home and makes us feel safe. By being constantly overwhelmed by cravings to consume, hints of this have started to bury their way into our subconscious or dreams.

I have always been fascinated by animation and how drawing by hand can bring a story to life. The endless possibilities of creativity give the artist a sense of freedom to how they think a story should develop. Over time, my relationship to the story and art have become a world of my own imagination where I can be free and have a chance to discover my desires and the need to subconsciously consume.

Thanks for watching!

Programs Used: Photoshop CS5, After Effects, Final Cut Pro


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