We've got a problem: A handful of corporations have a monopoly over America's food supply, and they prefer healthy profits over healthy people.

The result: The youngest generation of Americans is the first in history to have a shorter lifespan than our parents, thanks to the junk food that's all around us.

The solution: We give up junk food and grow, cook and sell real food in our communities.

And we're making a call to all to join us: let's Bring Healthy Back.

Here's three easy ways:

1. Make a commitment with us: Give up junk food for 30 days this Spring.

2. Support commitments: Donate money directly to a featured youth project that's bringing healthy back.

3. Or do both!

Rooted in Community Winter Leadership Institute youth!
Music: Akathasquid "ididntknow", Jamii Tata "Sunny Dayz", coop3r "SexyBack"

Maya Salsedo, Hai Vo, Siena Chrisman, Navina Khanna, Lloyd Nadal, Anim Steel, and many, many more


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