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Why gold/silver will continue to rise massively higher in 2011 and coming years is the greatest disappearing act ever - banker monetary fraud. To learn how to fight back, visit and download our gold/silver book for free for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. You can find info about the diamond scam at

As far as income taxes, the first US income tax imposed was in 1861. 3% on income above $800. In 1862, this increased to 5% on all income above $100,000. But the gov't removed income taxes completely from 1862 to 1900 there was NO income tax. When the US Federal Reserve came into existence, the top tax bracket skyrocketed from 7% to 77% in just 5 years from 1913 to 1918.

If money is not printed as debt under a true gold standard there is no need for any citizen to pay tax to pay off interest on the national debt. This is by far the largest chunk of the 33% we cut away in the example. The other portion of the 33% chunk consists of gov't transfer payments, which would be unnecessary under a gold standard. If there is no need to pay tax to pay interest to bankers on all money that is created, then people would have more money AND a steady purchasing power that they do not have under our current system. Thus, nobody would need the services provided by any transfer payments. Other "transfer" payments just consist of taxes that serve as a "wealth transfer", transferring money from citizens to the owners of the Fed Reserve that could be abolished under a true gold standard. Remember when Kennedy backed US dollars with silver? The money was printed with the words "United States Note", NOT "Federal Reserve Note". The tax we say would not exist under a gold standard actually disappeared under a real life example with these Kennedy notes (while they lasted). And as far as Soc. Security, people wouldn't need SS because their wealth would soar and SS would become obsolete. So it's a reality that there would be no need for SS under a TRUE gold standard.
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