Teaser for upcoming Crash Bandicoot HD tech demo I've done with Unreal Development Kit. Everything on screen in this video and in the actual tech demo I plan to upload soon is created from scratch. Images from upcoming tech demo on my blog: jakalabs.blogspot.com/2012/04/crash-bandicoot-hd-2012-teaser.html
This is NOT intended to be a game.This is my vision of next Crash Bandicoot game. In other words, this is how I would like new Crash Bandioot game to look like. Kinda like fan art.
I'm an artist in the first place not a programmer. This will be part of my portfolio. And more importantly, I don't like to release stuff that are partialy working (including both graphics and programming). If it is not working as it should and doesn't look good it will not be released. If I'll be able to deliver you decent gaming experience in future (even just one level) you will get it!

I hold no copyright on Crash Bandicoot character and stuff related to it.
Music is "Crash Bandicoot Main Theme". Copyright of Mutato Muzika.

Feel free to comment and share!

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