DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, January 2012 - Raise the Sky partnered with Skydive Dubai for seven straight days of training with an expanded 13-person Project XRW team. With over 30 jumps together, the team coalesced and achieved many firsts: a tight 11-way mixed flock over the Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks; a 10-way vertical XRW flock; a three-stack of canopies with a wingsuiter docked underneath; side-by-side CRW style docks with two 2-stacks of canopies and wingsuiters docked underneath; and a Mr. Bill rodeo transfer with a smooth, extended docked formation including the canopy pilot, freefall jumper, and wingsuiter. Funds raised for the Flying Dreams program went to the Pastoral Centre Preschool and Creche in Soweto, South Africa.

Wingsuit Videographers: Jeff Nebelkopf and Mark Harris

Gyrocam Operator: Chris Pope

Canopy Pilots:
Jonathan Tagle (coordinator)
Timmy McMaster
Billy Sharman
Mikael Stevens
Wuzi Wagner

Wingsuit Pilots:
Taya Weiss (coordinator),
Barry Holubeck
Will Kitto
Roberta Mancino
Mike Swanson
Jhonathan Florez

Team Manager: Eli Bolotin

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