Months of hard work finally come to an end and i bring you this time-lapse video to show for it. This is partly a sequel to my other time-lapse entitled Blending Time. But with better quality and more interesting clips. I am still learning how to shoot and process time-lapse clips. It seems like everyday i shoot and get a little bit better. I also just bought a Dynamic Perception and i plan for my time-lapse quality to be much better and the clips to be much more interesting with this new investment.

The Song is called Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke - The White Flash

I do NOT own rights to the song i am just a huge fan of the music.

The clips were shot in the following locations.
Death Valley
San Diego
San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara
Los Angeles
Los Olivos

I would like to thank the following people who helped me grow as a photographer and filmmaker, during the process of this video.
Chloe Lieske
Joe Beckley
Brennen Nance
Ziyan Zhang
Nick Korompilas
Mike Nelson

Thank you for watching and please (LIKE) the video if you enjoyed it. Also feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions.

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