Feature film title and opening credits design.

El Ranchito asked me to design the opening credits for Paco Arango's feature film.
"It is written on the stars" was the director's concept for the film and for the title.
I felt it could be easy to overdo the piece as Paco -a first time feature director- was eager "to play" with 3D and effects, so I worked from the idea of stars linked -like constellations- to form the title, always aiming to keep a low profile which would match the movie, a comedy about a middle aged man and his family and how they reinvent themselves thanks to a young boy who is suffering a terminal cancer.

For the main credits, which would run over a life action sequence, I worked a subtle 3D "popping up/ growing" effect, making the lettering appear "from the screen". The animated soft shadows made the titles appear to "grow" in z-size, and added the needed volume and separation. A delicate flare added the soft "magical" touch that Paco wanted.

Client: El Ranchito
VFX supervisor : Rafa Solorzano
After Effects: Javier Arenas


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