What is death? Why are we so afraid of it? And what is there to follow?
In contemporary society death has developed into something more of a ‘taboo’ subject, compared to several centuries ago. Fact is though, that the fears and anxieties that surround death’s irreversibility are universal; why then, deny our viewers of a confrontational view of death?

Into the Void is an experimental film that sheds light upon the revolting details of death that are usually glossed over, in a dark yet beautiful and enriching way. Inspired by Year Zero’s opening titles, our project follows the mental journey of a young female protagonist who struggles to define death and give meaning to its termination of life.

After all, “sooner or later there would come disease and death… there would be nothing left but stench and worms and all my affairs, no matter what they might be, would sooner or later be forgotten, and I myself should not exist.”
(Leo Tolstoy)

All footage was shot on a Canon 5D mark II

For concept images visit: flickr.com/photos/jana1412/

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