Every decision and every interaction leaves an impact. In every moment we leave behind something, whether we are aware of it, or not. Is the legacy you are leaving accidental or is it something you want to be remembered for?

How will your story end?

You can change the world around you. Volunteer for Fire & EMS in your local community.

Volunteers The Series

Music: A remix of Cinema by Skrillex

There are an estimated 1,148,800 firefighters in the United States. Of these, 323,350 (28%) are categorized as career firefighters and 825,450 (72%) are volunteer.

The VTS concept has a built in audience potential of 2 million+ Firefighters & EMS providers in the US. Additionally there are 1,237,500 Volunteer Firefighter reservists (not serving in the full capacity as most VFD's).

Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. An entertaining, educational unscripted look into the minds of Volunteer Firefighters. The passion, courage & sacrifice to risk everything, witness death, & save people in there darkest hours for no pay. A chaotic tribute to true American spirit & the most dangerous job in the world, dating back to its inception in 1736 by founder Benjamin Franklin.

Volunteers The Series

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