While walking through a field and pondering what name to use for a coppery new Pale Ale with lots of hop bite, our head brewer Steve stepped on a stick that popped up and nicked his leg.

Or so he thought, until he found two puncture marks on his calf. The copperhead bite may have caused a trip to the hospital for Steve, but it also provided just the inspiration he and Chuck needed to name their new beer – yep, one lowly snake in the grass is the namesake of one of our most popular beers.

Watch the video to learn more about this great Free State Beer from Head of Brewing and Bottling Steve Bradt.

Flavor Profile
The hoppy bitterness you’d expect from an IPA, with Cascade hops lending a distinctive floral aroma and rich flavor.

Malt Varieties
Pale Ale

Hop Varieties

O.G. - 14.5/1058
IBU - 48.5

Learn more about other great varieties of Free State Beer here: freestatebrewing.com/beer/

Thanks to Oakhurst for providing the music, check out their new album "Barrel" @ oakhurstmusic.com

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