Working with Campus de La Fonderie and Mark Webster, the host and organiser of Processing Paris, I decided to stage a projection mapped audio visual show party to celebrate and showcase the students work, from each of the workshop classes from this years edition of Processing Paris.

Taking each of the students work I created a Syphon wrapper using the JSyphon library to enable the sketches to be used with the mapping software MadMapper.

The majority of the sketches had some sort of movement and generative system control which meant little control was required by myself which enabled me to also dj a dubstep/drum and bass set.

We constructed a 3d set specifically for the showcase and then I mapped each of the surfaces to take a part of the sketches output. By displaying the work on a 3d surface the creators were able to see their work differently to the screens in which they had been programmed.

For me as a coder/designer/generative artist, having my work output onto a physical space allows me to understand more about design and output and the interaction with the real world. It is also more exciting for me to see visuals displayed differently than on a traditional flat screen.

Many thanks go to all the students for sharing their work and although not all made it to the video edit, hopefully this video gives an idea of what was created. (There are some of the MadMapper visuals also included in this edit)

If you would like to be credited please drop me a message.

Thank you and enjoy.

(Tracks in the mix are 'Biome - Mood'y then 'Data - Intrusion')

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