A great flight!

The recently cleared of snow and opened takeoff on the north side of Babadag Mountain gave us the opportunity to fly this side of the mountain again.

Enjoying the spring thermals and active air, using the clouds as indicators of thermal lift. The steel blue skies, contasted by the white and greys of the clouds, made this flight pure joy, soaking in the magnificent views this place has to offer.

If you enjoy cloud flying, also watch my other movies: vimeo.com/37985919 and vimeo.com/29711902

Location: Oludeniz - Turkey

Date: 22 April 2012

Take-off: 1800m North

Winds: 15-25 km/h

Pilots:Ralph, Ali and Apo and a few tandems

Wings: Nova Mentor 2, Advance Omega 8, Advance Sigma 8

Weather: Great! Clear skies and sunny

Thermals: 3-4m/s and scattered, turbulent air

Flight duration: 1h 20m

Music: Jakatta - One Fine Day

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