This is my first short film, made over 4 years ago, retelling my grandfathers story liberating the Buchenwald concentration camp. The film was very much a labor of love, but much more than that I felt a responsibility to make sure this story was told. The film debuted April 9th 2005 at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival, just two days prior to the 60th anniversary of the liberation.

Recently, I have seen a spate of blog posts, you tube videos, and other hateful communications saying that these concentration camps never existed. That the holocaust was a massive conspiracy. In the news, I see examples of ethnic cleansing still happening today and I'm sick to my stomach. While others can post world-wide about how it never happened, I can still provide that much needed counter-point.

So today, I am making the film available online for the first time in it's full resolution.

I urge you to please take a moment to see it through, then pass it on. Share the links, forward the e-mails, talk about it with your kids. As I wrote in the film, "This can not happen again."

Written and Directed by Paul Cuoco
Produced by Jeff Loach
Shot by Doug Delaney
Music by John Swihart
Starring Harrison Young

For more information please visit:

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