Takeoff at (0:34)
Me almost falling at (9:23)
Olympus just arrived on Friday so i thought i'd take it out for a test flight today. Will take a bit of learning when it comes to settings but i'm excited to see a side-by-side of this and GH2 (Comparison soon to come). Had the stabilization set to mode 3 in the camera, going to have to try mode 1 to see if it handles this type of movement any better. Sorry there's no music but i wanted to upload the untouched video straight out of the camera for you guys to check out. Also think i might have accidental left the autofocus on, oops. One thing i did notice is that the camera certainly doesn't like to be pointed straight down, hope a different stabilization mode fixes that. More test footage to come soon!!!

UPDATE: Just tried stabilization mode 1 and found the results much more pleasing. Made a huge difference!

More Info: facebook.com/quadrocopter

Kopter Details: quadrocopter.com


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