PDXPUG: April 19, 2012

We’ve heard a lot about Big Data. Scientists are creating data
archives that are terabytes, petabytes and even brontobytes in size.
But now they’ve collected all this data, how do they find what they’re
looking for? Current techniques quickly fail.

“Data Near Here” is a working prototype of a search engine, built on
PostgreSQL, that uses Internet search-like techniques to attack this
problem. This presentation describes the app itself, and some of the
techniques used and challenges encountered during its (continuing)

Veronika is currently “taking a sabbatical” from her working life, by
pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Portland State University. This
presentation is based on her research there. Her core expertise is in
adoption of emerging technologies. Her career has taken her into
almost every corner of the computer industry, including operations,
application development, systems programming, systems management
disciplines, project management, and IT management consulting. Fun
facts: She’s famous for something she did as an undergrad – writing a
cult computer game, in Assembler. She built her first computer with a
soldering iron, out of capacitors and resistors bought individually.

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