UFOs and Media Desensitization of Children
Karyn Dolan was born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, and has had a keen interest in folklore and ghost stories all her life. She is now the host of "Through the Keyhole," a weekly internet radio program devoted to Ufology and the paranormal. On her show, as well as in her private research, she is interested in the connections between various "fringe" topics, such as cryptozoology, Ufology, poltergeists, and hidden history.
For many years, she has engaged in in-depth studies of ancient, pre-Christian religions, and has a strong interest in comparative myth. Karyn also provides copy editing and transcription services for various researchers and writers in the UFO/paranormal field, including her husband, Richard Dolan, who is author of UFOs and the National Security State. Karyn Dolan lives with her husband and their two homeschooled children in Rochester, New York.

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