At a young age, Kru Ash started with a more traditional martial art which was Tae Kwon Do. He began his training at the age of 6 and completed his training with a 3rd degree black belt. In parallel with Tae Kwon Do, he also trained in Viet Vo Dao, Kickboxing, Full Contact Kickboxing and Eskrima Kali. He is a fully certified instructor in Western Boxing as well.

Looking to complete his journey in stand-up fighting, Kru Ash traveled to Thailand to learn the art of Muay Thai. Fighting and training simultaneously, he explored a variety of famous camps throughout the country, including Tiger Muay Thai and Sityodtong under Master Woddy. Eventually meeting and training with Grand Masters of SitYodtong, Kru Ash became a certified instructor (Kru) under the World Muay Thai Federation. He is also trained in the art of Muay Boran of which he is the only certified instructor in Canada.

Upon his return to Canada, Kru Ash began to adapt his Muay Thai techniques for the sport of MMA. Using his understanding of the grappling arts to do so, he quickly attracted some of the best fighters around in this sport as UFC veteran Patrick Côté, UFC veteran Denis Kang, UFC fighter Nick Denis, Steve Bossé, Jason Saggo, Valérie Letourenau... He has also had the opportunity to work with UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre.

Kru Ash is capable of adapting his training methods for all training needs and all levels. His teaching methods range from traditional Muay Thai to modernized MMA striking. For his Muay Thai students, he uses a graduated belt system under the World Muay Thai Federation, allowing for goal oriented training.

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