How would a communication system appear, if organizing thousands of people with only five management personnel? Which emerging technologies are appropriate for this and are they combinable to create more efficiency while maintaining reliability? Those were the main research questions while developing this work. After our research at the German Federal Agency for technical relief (THW), our analysis created a new direction. The present state of handling natural disasters, such as floods, is done by mobile work sites. Since there is a limitation of space, we also prioritized on ergonomics. The final prototype simulates a 5-10 year implementation, depending on the development of the selected technologies. We used 1 HD projector, IR-Tracking, VVVV and Photoshop.
Realized in the course Invention Design I in winter semester 11/12.

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Prof. Jörg Beck

Nicolas Esslinger
Florian Friesinger
Philipp Lange
Enis Terzioglu

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