The kinect and projections installation is an addendum to my current fascination with the complex and negative interactions of society and humanity. In You, I explore personal perceptions and self-esteem, along with the intricate effects of laughter. Laughter is a powerful beast, and unlike it’s sincere complimentary cousin Crying, Laughter has the potential to be subtle and tortuous. In genuineness, it portrays joy, happiness, humor and approval. However it can also signify mockery, embarrassment, fear, and uncomfortability. Some even laugh when they're in pain, and laughter can spread like an airborne infection. With such a large spectrum of definitions, laughter can, and is, often “lost in translation”.

Using such a versatile tool, my piece situates a user in a compromising or hilarious environment, depending on the user’s own personal self-esteem and confidence. It pushes you to reflect and meditate on how you perceive yourself, and how you believe others do.

Though within peripheral vision, the user cannot directly look at the projected image of themselves, but they understand that they are now placed on exhibition for the rest of the room to view and judge. This scenario is not unlike daily life in a community, however is now painfully reinforced into a larger-than-life situation. Ambiguous laughter ensues from behind the user to exaggerate the experience even further. This situation evokes a myriad of reactions, all personal to the viewer. To me, the true art lies within audience’s visceral reaction.

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