*WARNING: Adult themes, coarse language.*
Suicide has affected the lives of many people in my home town of Ballarat, having one of the highest rates in regional Victoria. Cyber-bullying can often play a key role in this, and seeing people so clearly crying out for help on social networking sites yet being blatantly cut down -often seen as needy, attention-seekers- is really something that hits me at the core. Many people have been on the wrong end of cyber-bullying, so I created this film with a small, yet hopefully resounding message; along with trialing some low lighting techniques for my school Media class.
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'David' - Brayden Henderson
'Friend' - Connor Toomey
Filmed and edited by Peter Camilleri

Music by Erikmmusic - An incredible, undiscovered composer giving away his music for free! This kid's a genius! youtube.com/user/ErikMMusic?feature=watch
'Trapped Below'
'Silent Sunrise'

Filmed on Canon 7D
Sound recorded with Rode Videomic

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