“Buy me, I’m on sale” … that’s what the chorus of a famous cheesy 80’s Italian pop song says, and it’s perfect to describe the show called “Desperately on sale”. For this promo, we adapted the lyrics of the song to make a musical about home renovation. As the concept of the whole marketing campaign was that on Real Time, every home is pure entertainment, this seemed to express it in a fun and ironic way.

"If your house makes you feel blue
And you never had the chance to renew
If there’s nothing you really like
And even your bathroom has a 70’s style
Buy me, I’m on sale
And don’t think that you can’t have me
All you need are a few basic tools
A little time…
Just a touch, a plant, some tapestry

In the new season of Vendo Casa Disperatamente every house
is pure entertainment."

Writer / Producer: Anna Passarini
Made by ilovecut.com
Produced by ANG Creazioni angcrea.com
DoP Michele D'Attanasio micheledattanasio.com
Producer Damiano Ticconi
Sound Simone Cazzaniga

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