A short film expressing creativity and how people see the world in their own way during those moments of inspiration.


For: Semi-Permanent/Tractor
Tools: 5D Mark II with 24-105 L Lens
Programs: Final Cut with Magic Bullet Looks, After Effects, Magic Bullet
Director: Raymond Lau
Assistant: Trang Phan
Actors: Johanathan Biviano, Clair Cho, Jemma Nott
Song by: Life's Things by Mindthings
Thanks: Kam Kei Lau, Vargabar


This film is a simplified version of the original concept due to the submission deadline of the Semi-Permanent/Tractor competition. Originally, the piece was include to rotoscoping and motion graphics to take the execution one step further.The time needed to animate the graphics frame by frame was too great however, so it was simplified, to be revisited and taken further down the track.

With the brief of the competition specifying the topic ‘Speaking to the Individual”, the initial idea was to create a story about an artist who is creatively lost but finds inspiration from a Semi-Permanent podcast. From there he is inspired and regains his ‘creative vision’ of the world (in the form of rotoscope illustrations).

Upon sitting on, storyboarding and discussing the idea with my partner, I realised that the idea met the brief too literally and in a cheesy way of sorts, so I decided to scrap the podcast as the ‘source’ of inspiration. The concept seemed to make less sense after losing the catalyst and for a while I pondered a lot of dead end alternatives. Eventually I decided to take the focus away from the ‘source’ of inspiration (as we should) and shifted it to the moment of creativity.

From this I came to the core insight; people see the world differently from each other. When creatives get inspired from the environment around them, what they see in their minds eye is different, visually and stylistically. Creatives see a vision, create it and share it to other people hence creatives speaking to the individual (us). To get this new concept across, I needed to show that unique perspective, so it made sense to feature three different creatives (digital illustrator, fashion designer and photographer) on their own journeys for inspiration, expressed by having a unique rotoscope style for each one. While the current result doesn’t convey the concept as strong, the use of words and the visuals by itself carries that message to an extent.

Production and Post:

Production was tricky, mainly because of timing concerns. Weather was the biggest factor in production delays, this was followed by actor schedules, time spent at College and finding time for assessments. The production of the shoot was done quickly but thoroughly over 3 full days (one for each actor). While I already know the locations generally as expressed in my storyboards, I took the time to pre-scout which saved a lot of time and prevented a lot of frustration for the actors.

All three segments utilised the tripod to some extent, a particularly tricky shot was the photographer walking through the market (the tripod used as an oversized steadycam). Battling changing light as the day went on was tricky, keeping the exposure as true as possible for post later.

Editing was done in Final Cut with magic bullet used to create some color/exposure balance and enhancing with vignettes and grading.

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