Ibla Foundation Winners New York Debut

Salvatore Moltisanti, Artistic Director and Pianist, ITALY - USA
Dana Zemtsov, Viola, NETHERLANDS
Magdalena Langman, violin, POLAND
Boris Borgolotto, violin, FRANCE
Mana Shiraishi, Violin, CANADA
Chimed-Ochir Yesunkhand, piano, MONGOLIA
Martin Karlicek, piano, CANADA
Jim Erickson, piano, USA
Maciej Granat, piano, POLAND
Lestari Scholtes, piano, THE NETHERLANDS
Gwylim Janssens, piano, THE NETHERLANDS
Ana Topalovic, cello, SERBIA
Paloma Chiner, soprano, SPAIN
David Cieri, piano and composer, USA
Jonathan Story, Bass, UNITED KINGDOM
Haley Kallenberg, composer, USA – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Chie Sato Roden, piano, USA

The Ibla Grand Prize International Music Competition, celebrating this year its 21st anniversary, has become one of the world’s cultural treasures. Held each year in early Summer in the magnificent southeastern corner of Sicily, in the quietly beautiful and charming Baroque city of Ragusa-Ibla, this competition has proven to be a consistent and world-class showcase for musical talent of the highest order. The competition’s founder, Dr. Salvatore Moltisanti, himself a pianist, has created an atmosphere thatencourages openness to any and all forms of music, allowing presentations of all musical styles as well as instruments (this hasincluded several types of jazz ensembles, domra virtuosos, accordionists, folk singers and many others from outside the classical mainstream, as well as instrumental and vocal performers of standard and contemporary repertoire), and creating a place where the ideas of wonderfully talented people can be nurtured in a spirit of international respect.

Baroness Maria Zerilli Marimo, Chairwoman of the IBLA Foundation, offers every year the opportunity to experience the extraordinary talent of these musicians at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo in and event preceding the annual Gala concert that this year will take place on May 1 at Carnegie Weill Recital Hall.

This event, has we have come to expect, will surely be the best possible evidence of this success, presenting musicianship of the highest order.

IBLA is the name of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE ancient Baroque quarters of Ragusa - Ibla, the southernmost province of Italy in Sicily. Ragusa and Ibla are two sister cities built on two 300 m. hills. Ibla is the ancient city and Ragusa is the more modern one. The Monti Iblei that surround the area take the name from the ancient Ibla. The Mediterrenean coast line is only 18 minutes away. It overlooks the island of Malta.

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò
New York University
April 30, 2012

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