This is an excerpt from a video intended for installation in public spaces. The original is 30 minutes in duration, on a seamless loop.

110 Days of Winter is a high definition video installation in large public spaces. It follows the formation and evolution of an ice layer on a Catskill boulder, beginning and ending with bare rock wall from December to April, condensing the five-month-long process into a 30-minute loop. The amorphous transformation of ice and water is mesmerizing and holds the audience captivated. The shift in light and change of pace trigger our sense of hope, evolutionarily associated with the approaching of spring.

The mission of this project is to provide its audience with a space in our chaotic life, where the clock is stopped, the weight is lifted, and the connection to the larger universe is reestablished.

It is ideal for public spaces such as airport or hospital lobbies, courtyard of office buildings, and on billboards in urban centers. Or in very private spaces.

The source images of the project were recorded in 2007. The inadvertent—and unfortunate—significance of this project may be that it recorded a phenomenon that appears to be diminishing in our region. The period of the ice cover was shortened by more than a month this past winter (2011–12).

110 Days of Winter is sponsored by Artspire, a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts.

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