Burning in the desert sun, Eduardo - a lemonade seller with a small stand - is fighting the urge to drink his last and final bottle of refreshing lemonade. When a thirsty client comes crawling to his stand, Eduardo tricks him out of his money and the drink, but the plan backfires and Eduardo is left with nothing but sand in an endless empty desert.

This film is part of the SHORT! programme 2011 by the NTR television, Netherlands Filmfund and CoBo.

Running time: 4 min.
Release (date): october 2011
Director: Frodo Kuipers
Script: Rudi Brekelmans & FrodoKuipers
Key animation: Frodo Kuipers
Producer(s): Chris Mouw
Animation studio: Mosquito
Music by: Alex Debicky
Foley and effects: Jeroen Nadorp
Audio mix: Bob Kommer Studios
Financial Support: Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, NTR, CoBo

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