Complete Control is very excited to welcome Chris from Fake Problems for an acoustic performance, and stand-up evil genius Jay Larson, along with a special tribute to MCA.
Chris talks with Joe about writing music, going on the road, and how corporations are people too.
Jay Larson then takes the set and proceeds to insult any Angels fans in the audience and big-up the Beastie Boys. All three guys give and take on the perils of touring, before Chris returns to play two songs unplugged. Enjoy it: we got that PMA!

Fake Problems is an indie/punk band from Naples, FL. Their last album, "Real Ghosts Caught On Tape" was released in 2010 by SideOneDummy Records. Their songs have been featured in various television shows and commercials.
Jay Larson is a comedian from Stoneham, MA. He has appeared on Comedy Central, The Late Late Show, Conan and Last Comic Standing. He is also writing short films for ATOM.com


00:01 Welcome to Complete Control and a tribute to Adam Yauch, MCA.
02:46 Show introduction.
03:36 Welcoming Mr. Chris Farren.
04:07 Touring with Say Anything.
05:05 How and where Chris writes music.
06:12 The influence of the Beastie Boys and old-school cd clubs.
07:49 Chris takes to the stage and screen.
08:12 The Fake Problems get paid in Taco Bell bucks.
10:24 The departure of Casey from the Fake Problems.
11:22 Chris experiences comedy live in the flesh.
13:46 Jay Larson clip from the Laugh Factory.
15:30 Welcoming Jay Larson to the set (finally).
16:22 Jay’s creative upbringing in Stoner, Ma.
17:30 Jay makes a choice between G. Love and the Beastie Boys.
19:33 The best and worst experiences of Jay’s career (so far).
21:30 Writing all the time and talking to yourself like a crazy person.
22:41 How an iPhone changed Chris’ life.
23:33 “Hurry up and wait!” The Pilot game.
24:29 Jay takes Producer Matt to task for being an Angels fan.
25:56 Stand up roots and inspiration to get in the biz.
27:25 The tricky business of mixing music and comedy.
29:03 How Jay keeps it real on the road.
30:37 Thanks to Jay.
31:00 Chris plays, “Songs for Teenagers.”
34:50 “Never Shoulda.”
37:29 Thanks to Chris and goodbye!

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