“The Call” is Golden Hope’s first short film about three individuals and their unique struggles in coming to know Jesus Christ as a father, savior, and healer. Journey with a young woman and two young men as they recount their deepest hurts, pain, and doubts. This raw, authentic film will connect with you on a personal level and may even reveal areas in your life where you still need closure. We hope that this film will help you to find those areas, uproot the pain, and start the healing process by trusting and following Jesus.

Alex Snow – Director, Writer, Producer
Elizabeth (Elza) Hofeld – Assistant Director, Costumes & Makeup
Kristen Achziger – Director of Photography, Assistant Editor
Monica Jones – Editor
Tessa Falk – Photographer, Assistant Camera

Myriah Murillo
Jordan Laemmlen
Caleb Holt

Tony Anderson - soundcloud.com/23violins

Special thanks to our friends, family, and supporters, and the Communications Lab staff of Vanguard University.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Edited: Final Cut
Audio: Pro Tools

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