-compilation of the original film-

Bjorn is a rapper from Netherlands.
Damian is a rapper from the Bronx. Bjorn writes raps and is fascinated by good freestylers. Together with his brotha from anotha motha they meet other rappers in different suburbs of New York streets and on stage. Bjorn knows how to find out their secrets for writing rhymes because he gives them what he asks for: secrets and raps.
He wants to know what dropping rhymes means to young urbans. What’ s the place it takes in their lives? Is it a political movement, a new brotherhood?
In the black august festival Bjorn gets to meet some of the “gods” of the hip-hop scene (like Deadprez and the welfarepoets) backstage. They share the hardcore wisdom of what it takes to be a good MC. They tell it to a friend it seems. They recognize the sincerity of Bjorn’s quest as a beginning rapper and don’t put on their public face.
During the film the friendship between two boys from different worlds (Bjorn and Damian) grows through their passion for writing and living together. We learn through their eyes what it means to live in the Bronx and to be able to share that experience.

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