[ please click on enlarge screen button and turn lights off. So often we don't create the environment needed to really appreciate things ]

I created this slideshow to honour the creativity of my wife. She made a Scare Crow for a friend who was having a Harvest Festival recently.

It's funny how, whilst creating something, meaningful, experiences occur that can blow you away.

In this case what was going to be a simple pictorial of my wifes Scare Crow became a thankyou to her for letting me feel more of my own heart.

And then, to make it more purposeful, my wife tells me after the event that she had painted over a heart shape on the head ( which was an old large vase ). Now the Scare Crow is coming to life!!!

If you feel a connection to my style of work then please visit moonlights1.com for more details on how a personal slideshow can help you honour those you love including you. Thankyou , Dane

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