Just when I thought I was getting savvy with flinging myself off to new, strange places, China happened.

It was more than just traipsing around China — it was a journey to see how far we can go outside our comfort zone. Of all the places I’ve been, never did I have to work so hard to ask for directions, to order food, to haggle for a good buy. The impulse to gesture every word that came out of my mouth stuck even if I was already speaking in my native tongue with my friends.

China will teach you one of the most valuable lessons any destination can give — that you are not the center of the universe. Those preconceptions and rules you have in your world? Tuck them away for now; they don’t apply here. China will challenge you to define the line between acceptable and unacceptable, of what you’ll stand your ground for and what you’ll charge to experience.

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Song: Hello by Martin Solveig

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