Heres a shoot we did for our friend Caleb and his 2009 Civic Si recently featured on February/March issue of HONDA TUNING, and previously featured on Canibeat.
Most people mistake this car for your average run-of-the-mill CSX converted Si, but this is the REAL DEAL.
A true JDM Type R conversion was done... everything thing from headlights, bumpers, taillights, fenders, everything! not a single corner was cut here. But that wasn't good enough for Caleb so he took it to another level by adding a J's Racing lip, J's air ducts, diffuser, and another hand full of parts... too many to list in-fact. This ladies and gentlemen, is one of the first converted Si's in North America and the time and level of commitment that went into this car is what makes it special. Thus making him the KING of 8th Gens in our books.

Thanks to the crew for your help on this one and of course shout outs to LEVEL ONE.
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