-Every aspect of the DXA-SLR PRO has been designed with the cinematographer in mind. From the intuitive controls and high-quality preamps, to the form-fitting ergonomics and a sturdy aluminium chasis, this is a highly capable HDSLR audio adapter.

-Lacking a headphone output and level meters, most HDSLRs lack the basic monitoring capabilities that are standard on pro video cameras. Recording audio without being able to listen to what the camera is recording is like shooting without a viewfinder. Several crucial monitoring features are included in the DXA-SLR PRO to ensure that audio issues are identified before and during the shoot.

-The DXA-SLR PRO makes it possible to use professional microphones that require XLR connections. Two high-quality Neutrik XLR inputs ensure a noise free recording chain, even for longer distance cable connections.

-The AGC Disable feature reduces the hiss that normally occurs when certain HDSLRs record audio during quiet moments. This is accomplished by delivering an inaudible tone to the camera to force down the recording level consistently throughout the recording. This allows you to use the adapter's cleaner preamps for adjusting the volume of each input.

-Limiters are an essential feature for recording unpredictable sound levels, without distortion or clipping. Each of the two channels on the DXA-SLR PRO feature independent limiters that keep the audio levels below 0dB to prevent signal overload.

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