The days where life flies right underneath you
Are the days I look so much forward to
Forward too.
This never ending ride can’t keep going on forever
Although I would say that this feels like it’s never, ever, ever going to end
Keep smiling my Little Bones Babes
No one can tell anyway
Oh keep smiling Little Bones Babes

I never thought this would be your demise
What a wonder what a wonder what a wonder
In this wondrous world
I see so differently now
I see so differently now

The boat is moving up and down
And I go the opposite way
The boat’s rocking up and down
And I go the opposite way
Have your eyes fixed and glued on the horizon my dear
Then you’ll find your stomach settled
And maybe you will see clear
I just want to see clear

It’s just a near faded memory but I swear I am still there
It’s long gone, put it behind you little girl, why am I still there?
Oh betrayal! Oh betrayal by your best friend
At least I know you would do it again
In a heartbeat In a heartbeat
I know how you deal
Shoulda listened to the word on the street
But I never wanted to see you in that light

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