Primary Propaganda is a reaction to the increasing use of primary colours in the marketing and image making of consumer electronics and big technology firms like Samsung and Google. With reference to the chromatic painting explorations of Robert Delaunay the work attempts to draw a parallel between the turn of the century Futurist movement and the contemporary millennial experience. Filmed primarily in Tokyo with the beach sequence filmed in Townsville Australia, the piece holds added significance with the obvious connotations of the Japanese tsunami of March 2011.

The original four channel video work was exhibited at the eMerge Media Space in Townsville Australia as a part of the exhibition Dark Euphoria: Unclassified Media. This was the creative component of the PHD thesis, Dark Euphoria – The Neo Gothic Narrative of 20th Century Techno Culture.

There is more detail and theoretical back grounding available at the project site:

Photographed and edited by Mitch Goodwin (September 2011).

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