Pictures of the people who made "The Sound We See Rotterdam": Tarik Aouragh, Aron den Boer, Jonathan Brito, Loes van Dorp, Zara Gerrard, A-Yi Kah, Vijal Leocadia, Sarojini Lewis, Fairoel Loonstra, Sabine Loonstra, Nelson Lopes, Jennifer Maasdamme, Emre Macit, Hinko Mayerhold, Loek Vellekoop, Zhang Yan, Dennis van Vreden and Lisa Marr & Paolo Davanzo
from the Echo Park Film Center. With friendly support of WORM, Creating 010/Hogeschool Rotterdam, and many other partners.

Music: Erik Satie, Cinéma

(Still photographs were originally made for the DVD cover and for a flip book.)

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