"Going Nowhere" (2012)
Excerpt of 21 hour performance

Artist inhabited the Chicago O'Hare International Airport for 21 hours with no intention of flying. He documents his stay with video. The performance ends when the artist is asked to leave the airport.


"Just Let Me Love You" (2012)
Excerpt of 1 hour performance

The performance begins with two conservatively dressed female performers stripping down a willing male performer. They then aggressively throw him to the ground. One of them removes their pantyhose and covers the male performer’s head. From this point on, the male performer is at the mercy of the two female performers who take turns committing acts of aggression, humiliation, and even endearment upon him. Wooden spoons, rulers, ice, and cherry filling are among the tools utilized to carry-out the performance. The stage is set in a room lit by red lights where the audience is invited to observe with the comforts of crackers, cheese, drink, and seats. Inspired by the highs and lows of relationships and especially by the perversity of a particular relationship experienced by one of the artists.

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