This is an animation I produced for Advent last year, which was used at Prayers for Melbourne (Collins Street Baptist Church, Melbourne) and then at Advent Conspiracy (Footscray Baptist Church and St Matt's in Long Gully).

'An elderly couple are told that they will have their first child – but that they shouldn’t be afraid. (Luke 1:13)
A young woman is told that she is pregnant, and that her husband is not the father. Even though she is at risk of being executed, she is told that she shouldn’t be afraid. (Luke 1:30)
Some sheep farmers are trusted with a treasonous secret, about a new king who has been born. He hasn’t been born in Jerusalem or Rome, but in a town called Bethlehem. And the farmers are told that they shouldn’t be afraid. (Luke 2:10)
All of these pieces of news are good reasons to be afraid. But God’s angel says, ‘Be not afraid.’ God has not put us in a dangerous situation and then left us on our own. God is with us in the danger.
There has been a lot of news recently which might give us good reason to be afraid. The economic meltdown. The possibility of losing our jobs. Alcohol-related violence.
Have a look through a newspaper. If you find something frightening, you might like to rip it out, and stick it on the angel, remembering that God is with us in the danger.'

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