My twenty-fifth birthday fell on a Friday before one of the biggest exams of our first year of medical school. I tried to push any plans back to Monday after the exam.

Friends insisted that we celebrate my existence, in some form, closer to my actual birthday. A few days before April 10, 2009 I started asking people about going out to grab a few beers on Thursday or to head over to a friend's place to play some Rock Band or something. As the day grew closer people seemed increasingly disinterested. But that was my position to start with, so who was I to say anything?

My roommate asked if I wanted to walk across the street to grab some supplies at the grocery store before heading out... and off we went... and then this all happened.

All of the planning, communication, timing, and execution resulted in something grand. Something high in comedic and sentimental value.

This little bit of video editing is a thanks to you guys and chicas.

Cheers, friends.

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