This is one of a few stories we heard in Sumatra on a recent trip.

Bungsu is a sweet lady that lives in the village of Desa Nusa, Aceh. Desa Nusa was mostly destroyed in the 2004 tsunami, though because of an early warning, most of the villagers lives were spared, including Bungsu and her family.

After the tsunami, she continued on making krupuk as she had for over 10 years prior. Krupuk is a generic term for fried treats (think Funions) and hers are essentially made of tempeh.

We had some lines retranslated which ended up making for a slightly more depressing ending. This video had originally ended "I like this work. When I sell the krupuk at the market and have enough to start all over again." After a friend who speaks Indonesian and English watched this he wasn't so sure. It turns out, sometimes she doesn't make enough and buys more ingredients at a loss, not a profit. The laugh you hear at the end is actually a very natural reaction to being uncomfortable in Indonesia. We decided to leave the video as is and just change the subtitles. The dissonance is there, but I think it captures her situation well.

Bungsu was gracious enough to allow us in her home and watch her work. She fed us well too with her krupuk and rose water. A very special thanks to her and to the village of Desa Nusa for hosting us.

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