After almost two years, twenty appointments, fifty guests from sixteen countries, the project of "The most beautiful Kunsthalle in the world" is moving towards its conclusion.
Meanwhile, on May 3 we will give voice to the real stars of exhibitions, museums and collections: the artists themselves.
Artists are, in fact, central to any discussion and thought about art. And their activities, alongside their research and experiments, the situations and actions they create allowing us to speak of an "art system".
We therefore decided to invite two artists:
Michelangelo Pistoletto, who is one of the most internationally recognised masters of Italian art, to whom during the last two years a great art exhibition in Philadelphia was devoted, as well as in London and Rome.
Annie Ratti, who has a significant presence of Italian art.
Both Ratti and Pistoletto, generously decided to extend the territories of their activities involving other young players, knowledge and experiences in the activities of their two foundations: Antonio Ratti Foundation that has sponsored this series of meetings and to Cittadellarte Biella, which is a veritable factory of creative young people.
With their initiative, the art is no longer producing only "works", but also the processes and experiences.
With them, Marco De Michelis will discuss exhibitions, exhibition spaces, art institutions, curators and critics.

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